Intuitive. Intelligent. CharmCam.

Smart Sensing

CharmCam carries advanced thermographic+visible light sensing units and air sensing components. Although it senses lots of thing, but it won't feed you up with data. It processes the data and notifies you when your attention is needed.


Don't want to risk waking your baby when probing its body temperature? Worried about baby's face being covered during sleep? CharmCam is here to help. You can customize what to monitor & when to be notified. Just a click away using our app.

Cloud Storage

You can select to record what CharmCam sees in our secured cloud server via 128-bit encryption. From now on, you won't miss any precious moment with your baby.

Be The First

Want to know more about CharmCam, or arrange for product review or interview, please contact us via this form or nick [at] charmcam [dot] com

Our Story

  Since the invention of the very first baby monitor in 1937, baby monitor has been a vital tool for parents to monitor baby. As technology evolves, baby monitor advances its functionalities - yet - the baby monitor available in the market has yet lived up to its name. They are merely a combination of walkie-talkie and IP camera, and lack the important and fundamental function: baby monitoring. So we reinvented the baby monitor, and call it CharmCam. It is the most advanced baby monitor ever built for babies. CharmCam is not "quantifying your baby" and feed you data for processing. On the contrary, CharmCam processes the measurements and tells you when something comes up and needs your attention. So that you can spend more quality time to nurture your baby, and you and your baby can enjoy good night sleep. CharmCam is now exclusively available on Indiegogo.
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